Richard Diebenkorn: Still Lifes and Landscapes

Richard Diebenkorn: From The Model
Richard Diebenkorn: Abstractions on Paper


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A Raid on the Oyster Pirates by Jack London, Art by William T. Wiley

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 Civil War Stories by Ambrose Bierce, Art by Chester Arnold
The Best of the Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

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“Kelly’s Cove Press was started by our old amigo, Bart Schneider, a couple of years ago. They’ve created a special niche for themselves, reprinting classics like Ambrose Bierce’s Civil War Stories and amplifying them with local artists (Civil War Stories, for example, featured paintings by Sonoma’s Chester Arnold)… Come in and check out our display of what one dedicated and innovative publisher can do when he puts his mind to it.”

Readers’ Books, Sonoma, California

“Kelly’s Cove has been putting out the most lovely run of books since publisher Bart Schneider got the itch to merge intriguing California writing and intriguing California art in beautifully crafted volumes… The books just feel good, as they arouse your curiosity and kindle the desire to crack them open and begin to absorb what they harbor between the covers. Then you find yourself lost in books that are deeper than you can really describe, that take their own time to go where they’re going, that are going somewhere you can’t be sure of but that make you sure you’re glad to be along for the journey. At the end, you’d have to read them again, go through them again, to know where you’ve been and where they’re taking you, what’s in them and what they’re made of, and even then you don’t know, but that makes you happy too.”

Bird & Beckett Books and Records, San Francisco, California