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Morning Opera

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Written by Bart Schneider
Cover art by Chester Arnold

Morning Opera is a book of desires lost, desires found, equal parts ode and elegy. There is a lightness of touch here reflected in the short lines which ring like pings on crystal, but beneath the lightness, a darkness presides. Ancestry has its say, but so, too, does the sharp tang of the present moment. There is a mystery at the heart of things, this book whispers to us over and over in many different ways. And at the heart of the mystery there is a music which Bart Schneider has found a way to make a home for in these poems.”

—Jim Moore

Bart Schneider
Bart Schneider

Bart Schneider grew up in San Francisco. He recently returned to the Bay Area after spending 25 years in Minnesota, where he was the founding editor of Hungry Mind Review and Speakeasy magazine. He is the author of a poetry collection, Water for a Stranger, and five novels, Blue Bossa, Secret Love, Beautiful Inez, Man in the Blizzard, and Nameless Dame.


“Bart Schneider is a master of understated detail. His poems ring with wit and thoughtful reckoning, the sly shaping of indelible scenes. You want to go wherever they take you.”

— Naomi Shihab Nye

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Release Date

September 2011